JSW, provided a FULL FRANCHISE PROGRAM files to the following brands, and represent them
1. ANABTAWI ORIENTAL SWEETS (Twenty Eight units in Jordan, Iraq & Palestine);
2. BUFFALO BURGER (Biggest local burger chain in Egypt with Forty Three units);
3. AUM KHALIL LEBANESE RESTAURANT (Fine Lebanese restaurants, Three units in Jordan);
4. FARAH WAY SHAWERMA (Shawarma chain with Eight units in Jordan & Jeddah);
5. MLT BURGER (Specialized Burger, Two units in Amman);
6. NOMMERS (Artisan Sweets and Specialty Coffee in Amman & Aqaba);
7. SMOKEY WOODS (Brisket, Ribs & Stack Restaurant, in Amman)
8. CLUTCH CITY CLUCKERS (Chicken Strips Concept , Four units in USA & One in Jordan)
9. AL QAISSI ROASTERY (Chocolate, Nuts, Species & Coffee, Six units in Amman)
10. KHOBZEH W SHAWERMA (Shawerma & Fried Chicken. Six units in Amman & One in Egypt)
11. WINGERS (Wings & Burgers restaurant, Two units in Amman & One in UAE)
12. MEAT & CHEESE (Burger restaurant)
 JSW is currently providing an International franchise operational support for Anabtawi brand in
Iraq and Palestine and Farah Way in Jeddah;
 JSW provided a full set of SOP’s and operational support consultation for VESTO Cloud Kitchens
 JSW presented the first-ever training workshop in Jordan on How to transform your success
into a Franchise attended by 37 companies form Jordan and the Gulf;
 JSW provided a Sales and Marketing consultation for MADO International brand (3 Units) in
 JSW provided a Marketing consultation to Sizzles Grill brand (8 Units) in Jordan.
 JSW provided a Mobile Application to Ocean Fish brand (20 Units) in Jordan
 JSW is currently providing a consultation for 22 startup project in Jordan, for the Business
development center (BDC), INHAD governmental youth program.
 JSW is currently processing a HACCP certification for Al Affori Sweets in Mua’an.
 JSW managing partner is an International Senior Consultant to the EBRD (European Bank for
Reconstruction and Development)
 JSW managing partner is a guest speaker for several international Expo’s.

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